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Who we are

Bits Passats is the joint effort of a father and a son to provide access to old computers information. We are collectors from Andorra, and have been collecting computers for nearly a decade and a half. We would like to make a visitable exposition but for the time being this site should be enough.

What do we collect

We take old computers, videoconsoles, terminals, and nearly anything old. But if we focus on old computing stuff, basically computers, video game consoles, terminals and some arcade boards.

The site is empty, there is not much info except on a few pages!

Basically the web site is another way to publish our inventory, for this reason every single page will have a table indicating the identifier of the system/s in our collection and some more data. For enciclopedic content, manipulation of the phisical machines shall occur and for this reason a page may not contain an article until the system has been revised or retrieved from storage. Therefore, we ask for patience.